Sunday, June 27, 2010

Silent Refrain

Just finished Silent Refrain (top).  In essence it's a maquette.  I have actually started using the small works more and more as studies for other work or simply experiments to explore color and compositional ideas.  Silent Refrain is indeed the study for a future large canvas.  I have a lot more studies to do though. Morning Coffee is on the other hand more of a color experiment and the color ideas of Morning Coffee served as the framework for Silent Refrain.  It's all very cyclical.

Now that the summer is here and the body of work for Modified and Lanning Gallery is complete I can focus on the next body of work.  Meaning lots of quality time in the sketchbook and street photography trips.  Oh, not to mention picking up a few dozen novels and watching lots of movies.

I will be exhibiting at the Lanning Gallery for the month of July with the opening First Friday July 2nd - 5-8PM in Sedona, AZ.

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