Saturday, March 9, 2013

Working Title

Spending this rainy day working on a new piece entitled cling.  At least that's the working title of the piece.  It has a very similar feel to Snap from a couple years back.  The focus has been on all the complex folds of the figures jeans.  It was around 4pm so the sun was at an angle that really heightened the shadows of the folds.  The reference photo for this painting is actually from downtown Phoenix.  I usually use my photos from other cities, but for this upcoming show I want to focus in on some subjects from my own local.  I find it odd that when I speak with people who haven't really been to Phoenix that they don't view Phoenix as a large gritty city.  Granted it doesn't have the same architectural feel of the cities I like to paint.  I really like the older buildings that you find in the older cities.  Phoenix has a few, but Phoenix also has the tendency to level an older building and place a new one in it's place that doesn't have even a fraction of the character of the previous structure.  It's just the way my hometown is.

Nonetheless, I recently purchased a much better camera that is a bit of a hybrid between the normal digital point & shoot and a 35mm.  I'm going to be doing a lot of riding downtown and shooting photos like crazy.  It isn't as concealable as my other point & shoots, but I'm just going to have to use better judgement when taking pictures.  I prefer to take photos without it being obvious to my subjects when I'm taking street photos.