Sunday, October 31, 2010

Work Continues

The work continues.  The soundtrack has changed as well. Each painting has it's own soundtrack while I work on them.  I sometimes know what that will be and other times I find out.  Finding the right soundtrack results from trial and error.  If things aren't happening easily and the flow isn't there or just seems funky I switch playlists. Sometimes an entire body of work has a shared soundtrack.  There are also works that only allow me to listen to a single EP or LP over and over.  Afterwards I will not listen that band for a while afterwards.

This painting is filling in quite nicely.  I don't think I'm near the end anytime soon, but I want to complete it before next weekend if possible.  I don't want to chance loosing the energy of this painting and want to carry it into the next pieces quickly.  Next weekend I will sit down and start sketching for the next few works.  The plan will be to add drawings into the mix.  I've always loved to draw and sometimes my drawings feel stronger than the paintings that come out of them.  In this works case I feel that the pencil drawing, pen and marker drawing and the painting each stand on their own being different and a continuation of an idea without loosing any of the initial dynamic qualities.  I hope my luck continues  with the rest of this body of work.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Return of Fall

The Fall has returned and painting is getting back up to full swing.  This is the painting of the drawing in the previous post.  It's going rather well.  The windows are going to be very intricate, so there will be a lot of time involved in rendering them.  I have a several photos from Portland that depict the sun from the back of buildings or reflecting off the glass causing the buildings in the photos to appear to just fade to white.  I thought I'd depict that effect within this work.

I have always felt like my paintings of buildings were portraits and this one is very much an example.  I've decided to leave the people out  of this painting.  I was thinking of the early morning hours or maybe the hours of the day when everyone is at work and some streets are all, but deserted. I am also letting the lighting effect portray a person fading to white - slipping away.  Somewhere between the ghostly sky and the physical material world. 

I'm going to be painting a lot of buildings this time around.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I've been out of town a lot lately, so I've been spending time drawing.  In full honesty though I feel a great deal of creative work and discovery can happen within an artist's drawings.  I feel that the mood of this particular drawing reflects the mood I'd like for the next body of work to possess.