Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Back from my long road trip up the Coast of Northern California to Portland, Oregon and then back down through Idaho, Utah and through the Vermillion Cliffs back home to Phoenix. While in Portland I spent the day working on paintings at my friends tattoo shop and giving art lessons.  I went ahead and performed the same work in pastels, watercolour and acrylic to demonstrate the different qualities and advantages of different media.  It was a blast. I also finished a painting (above) that I started the previous year's visit.

I really miss Portland, Oregon.  Someday I hope to live there and return home there from vacations rather than the other way around. Some how Portland has the buildings I love with an abundance of pedestrian traffic.  Oddly, enough when I take photos I end up with only the buildings.

This time around I decided I would take several series of photos in order to collage them.  When I paint these there will be an interesting distortion of the perspective that I feel will oddly be more true to the reality of how we experience the world.  Funny how this is a case where technology is actually influencing the work. I also took a lot of photos via passenger seat which yield interesting results.