Sunday, January 9, 2011

The New Year

A New Year has begun.  No Escape is finally starting to gel and take direction.  It's been rather odd after a series of five or six works that were created in rapid succession easily to have two canvases that have felt a bit lost and directionless.  I've considered in the course of the last few weeks simply scratching these works and putting something else on the canvas, but somehow just muddled through switching back and forth from the contrary paintings.  Whether they end up being among my best works or not I have a feeling that they will lead to the next creative plateau.

The New Year will be bringing a new studio as well.  The plans have been submitted with the city and if all goes well construction will begin in early February.  I have a feeling that the much larger space will undoubtedly lead to a new and improved workflow.  I also feel that I will produce more work this year than ever before.  Of course I feel nervous about adapting to a new space.  I know in the past when I've changed studios that there's always been a strange period of the blahs due to the studio feeling too clean. Once I see a collection of droplets of paint on the floor I get on with it.