Thursday, May 21, 2009

Three day weekend

Here's a shot of where Allegiance is at.  It's based on a photo I took in Portland, OR. I've spent the week for the most part sketching out the next batch of paintings.  I have a 4 to 6 more canvases to complete for the show.  I think the 6 is a stretch.  I'll try though.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Something on the Windowsill

Just finished the Something on the Windowsill series along with Go Home yesterday morning.  There was only a little touch up and painting the sides after an almost all Friday night painting session.  I then loaded up the new work along with what remained from the Modified show and headed up to Sedona to the Lanning Gallery. They loved the work, which was a big relief.  

Now it's the final stretch for the Sedona show.  I have two weeks really, so painting six to eight canvases might not be the best use of my time.  I think I'm going to focus in on painting four medium large paintings and hitting them out of the ballpark.

I started working on my sketch for Allegiance which will be a 24x48" canvas. I've used a photo I took in Downtown Portland, OR of the front of some embassy or hotel.  I can't really tell from the photo.  It just has the hanging flags off the building that makes me think of ticker tape parades.  I know some are going to read political leanings one way or another.  The flag is, well a politically charged symbol after all.  In this case I'm using it, because it's an incredibly strong image and will make a fantastic painting.  I leave the viewer to decide where my politics lay and maybe just maybe, the painting will be about where their politics lay rather than where mine do.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Go Home

Go Home is almost finished.  Nothing but the fine details left to do and a few glazes. I started two other works to finish the Lines (working title) triptych up. I need to finish these works up before I make the first delivery up to Sedona this upcoming Saturday.  I'm building canvases Sunday for the completion of the Sedona show.  They have a lot of space, so I'm wanting to add at least four if not six large paintings 3'x6' to the show.

Getting ready for a trip to Seattle, WA and Portland, OR the week after the show. I plan to take a lot of urban photos while I'm there for source material.  I also feel like I need to get serious about a trip to New York to take street photos.  Frankly, I will not have the money to stay long, but even a day of taking photos and a couple days visiting museums and other sites would be worth it. 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Production time

Not sure of the title for this painting yet.  The working title is Lines or Entanglement.  I guess I should wait and see how the rest of the series goes.  I also performed more work on Go Home from the previous post.  Oh, that's a working title as well.  If you haven't guessed from reading previous posts the working title isn't always the title a painting ends up with.  It takes a while to figure out the title for some paintings especially if they go really quick.

The second reception at Modified went really well.  I've sold ten works so far in that exhibit which is really good.  It's pretty much a fifty/fifty of small and large works, which surprised me with this economy just a little.  I still have the ghost of "paintings are dark" haunting me.  I guess I should be used to it, but it still bugs me from time to time. It's not the intent really.  I simply paint what comes to me to paint and it's not worth the creative block to edit myself.