Saturday, April 25, 2009

Missing Time

Missing a bit of a space of time there.  Just the final rush to get everything done for the Modified show.  I thought I'd taken a few photos along the way, but couldn't find them on the camera, opps.

This is a new piece that I started before the rush to get things done for the Modified show.  I'm figuring out what I'm doing for the figures now.  I'm going to put a little bit more color into the next batch of work.  I have roughly twelve to sixteen paintings to complete for the Lanning Gallery in Sedona.  They will be mixed in with work from the Modified show.  Once I had everything up on the wall I realized that it was a little more intense than I meant to be.  Honestly, I've done these works in such a thought stream that considerations of the pallet weren't considered, which is how it should be.  Nonetheless, I don't think it would be a bad idea to throw in a few works with some strong color to lighten the mood a little. The humor relief within a Greek or Shakespeare play.

I do think the almost monochromatic body of work currently at Modified is stunning.  I've heard a few remarks that it's a bit dark.  I can only nod and not think too much about it.  The work was created very quickly within a pure thought stream.  I really left the subject matter to my subconscious mind and consciously just painted like there was no tomorrow.  There's a lot of interesting stories within these paintings.  I can't wait until I can stop and decipher what my subconscious is telling me.  Usually, the work is prophetic in some sense and is telling me things about what I'm thinking and feeling that's buried beneath the surface.  Don't worry I'm not going Freudian on you guys.  I do believe the mind does bury things on us at times and it might even just be a result of being so busy rushing around doing things that we don't have much time to sit, be alone, and reflect on our feelings about what's happening in our worlds.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Contemplate Your State

Back to work and updating.  New painting on the easel entitled Contemplate Your State.  It's not too far from being finished and that's a good thing.  Really just trying to finish as much work as I can before it's time to hang the show at Modified.

The new Open Acrylics from Golden are really coming in handy with this last batch of works.  Being able to have a little of the blending time and ability of oils has helped nail down things faster.  It's not perfect though.  A little to transparent and too anxious to turn to mud.  Hey, I should just be thankful for what I have!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Crazy few weeks

Time to Call it a Night is finished.  I actually finished it last weekend, but life has just been so hectic that I haven't had the chance until now to post it.  I was thrown off a bit by a huge job at work that required a lot of overtime and working without a day off for two weeks.  It was a 166 page book including cover and divider.  It was the Greater Phoenix Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce - Arizona Relocation Guide and Business Directory.  It was a really fun project and I was able to work with a lot of color and abstract compositions (background elements) within it.  As a designer I prefer publication work to all else.

This week was spent at the hospital with my grandmother's surgery and subsequent problems that the surgery caused, but she's at home and resting now.

This weekend will be about getting back on track and finishing up the Modified show that hangs during the week.  The opening being Friday, April 17th.