Monday, June 1, 2009

Show time

Here's the working photos for Toil & Humdrum 2 and Allegiance.  I was going to photograph them when I got up to the gallery to deliver them, but forgot once I got there.  Oh, well.  I'll photograph them up there or just bring my flash drive to download their photos.  I think their camera has more pixels than mine anyway.

That was the last delivery to the gallery for the show.  I brought up the two new ones along with Trial by Ones Peers to complete the show.  I've painted roughly 36 canvases since January, so it feels good to be at a pause.  I still have three works going right now and four more sketched out, so you'll see many more updates in the coming week.

I'm getting ready for my Seattle and Portland vacation.  I plan to take as many source photos for my paintings as I can.  I'm also planning a trip to New York for September.  The focus being on street photography and museum hopping while I'm there.