Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lonely Outpost

Work continues on Outpost.  It's going very smoothly and setting up quickly.  As I'm working on the piece I'm thinking of how to go about how I could create the piece using silkscreen printing.  I think that my work would lend itself to being reproduced using silkscreen printing.  A few years back the idea crossed my mind and I produced a few works, but with the old studio I lacked the space and was trying to create a off-shoot of my work rather than simply reproducing the work in print. Now that I have the space I'm considering it again, but this time I'm going to focus on creating prints of the works in the same vein as what I'm creating on canvases in small runs.  It's taken forever for me to learn this lesson of not dividing my energies too much.  If the screen printing dovetails into my canvas work it will happen easily, but trying to create two divergent bodies of work does not.

I have also lined up the next several canvases after this one.  I'm breathing easy to be back in the swing of things and free of the creative block that was stifling my studio production.  I know that I will return to my urban environments, but for now I'm focusing on the lonely failed urban outposts of recent past.