Friday, March 19, 2010

Back to Pensive

Pensive has been languishing on and off the easel as I was figuring out what to do with the background behind the main figures.  The building just weren't cutting it for me.  As much as I was wanting to bring buildings back into the mix of these long horizontal figure pieces - it just wasn't quite right. Also, the bringing color into the piece is settled as well.  It stays film noir.  I think color would simply be gratuitous.

The goal this weekend is to complete Pensive and Could've and get started on a few new works.  I have three canvases to stretch, so that will be the bulk of the work done on the new works.  I still have more work to do on the preliminary sketches anyway.

I have two shows in the works. I will be at Modified Arts in Downtown Phoenix with the opening reception May 21st and the second reception June 4th.  I am tentatively set to be at the Lanning Gallery in Sedona, AZ with the opening reception July 2nd.   I'm going to be working like a demon to get everything painted.