Monday, March 28, 2011


Spent a the evening hammering out the arc of the bridge.  It's been tricker than I thought it would be.  I guess the test will be if I walk into the studio tomorrow evening and if I feel satisfied with it.  Other than that I've been trying to figure out if a flourish motif or different large text elements would enhance or detract from the overall composition.  I'm leaning to the side of using subtle collage elements with a focus on texture and distressed paper elements. Just a little readable text here and there, but very minimal.  The sky will become more dynamic with time.  There are a lot of drips that seem to really work that I have to be very careful to preserve, which should prove to be very challenging as work continues.

As work continues I'm working really hard to keep a certain mixture of focused and blurry elements within the piece.  I feel that when you look at a structure as large as the Fremont Bridge it's more of an awareness of the totality of the structure while you focus in on different elements.  When your focusing in on the rivets of the frame the distant shore drops out of focus and the opposite is true when you focus in on the distant shore.  It's how we truly see and experience the world.