Saturday, April 30, 2011


Waited for daylight to show the progress. I don't feel the light has been right in the studio at night for accurate photos.  Spent time working in the details of the bridge and more glazing into the sky.  Today will be a busy day.  I'm working out the final sketch for the Steel Bridge piece and will start that today.  

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to spend some time refurbishing my gate replacing the 2x4s with 2x6s, changing out the slats and the locking mechanism for a more heavy duty slide bolt.  Two weeks ago someone kicked it in, but didn't take anything in the yard. I figured it was just a drunk with anger issues or teenager having fun.  I repaired it and wedged a concrete block at it's base for extra security and thought that it was just a fluke.  Tuesday night while I was out in the studio working late someone attempted to break through the gate again.  I grabbed a hammer and stepped out of the studio door yelling "Who's out there!!!!"  Shortly after I heard running and the dogs barking at them two doors down.

It has unnerved me a bit.  I have a tendency to work late at night into the early morning hours.  It's when I'm the most creative and have a tendency to perform three hours work per hour when I break into the grove.  Painting is a lot like surfing in that respect. The last thing I want is to contend with an unwanted visitor or the fear of one.  I've worked out on the patio for years without issue, so hopefully this is just a passing phase due to bad economic times.