Thursday, May 5, 2011

The 2nd Piece

The 2nd piece of the commission is well on it's way.  From this point forward I will be bouncing back and forth between the two works.  I'm also working on titles for both works.  The Fremont Bridge work's sky is becoming a key focus of mine.  I've noticed that the emphasis on the sky of the Fremont is influencing the Steel Bridge work.  I think the dialog between the two works is really interesting.  They're definitely siblings.

My nightly stint working in the studio has been uninterrupted the way I like it;  thankfully.

This weekend my goal is to get as far as I can on the Steel and try to finish or at least be only a stone's throw from finishing the Fremont.  That's the goal, but I'm not going to rush anything. I'm just going to hit the coffee really hard and try to get things finished up.  These large works swallow hours up like they're minutes.

I'm going to start getting ready for my September showing once the commission is shored up. My San Francisco photos are going to be the driving force behind this show.  I'm going to have a lot of nighttime works.  It will be fun in the since that I will be using a colour pallet that is driven by the neon signs and the yellow glow of street lamps of nighttime streets.  I will have plenty of daytime paintings as well.