Saturday, November 12, 2011


Just finished up Jaywalking. Nothing left, but the final coat of varnish. It will be another work that will be delivered up to the Lanning Gallery on Monday. I love the warm foreground played against the cooler background.  I've also have be pushing to further explore the loose almost caricatured background with the more realistically painted foreground elements. This concept is most evident within the works of George Bellows and Thomas Eakins.

I have also been busy devouring books on John Singer Sargent.  His paintings in Italy are just astounding. The economy of brushstroke and mixing detail with abstract shadows and light leave me speechless. I find that I just flip through the pages repeatedly visually digesting each work.  I particularly like the Venice street scenes. After I had completed Chill I headed to the library to pick up some John Singer Sargent books. I realized that I was in some regard naturally gravitating to a color pallet similar to his Venice works and wanted to compare notes. That's the timelessness really of art to me.  The fact that I'm deeply touched by his paintings created in the 1880's and find them as relevant today as the day they were painted is a testament to the power of art. With any luck over a hundred years from now another artist will look at my work to compare notes.