Thursday, December 8, 2011


Just finished up Crowds tonight.  I went ahead and scanned Puddle as well, since the photo shot wasn't the best. It's nice to take a little break from the easel and spend some time drawing.  I always forget how much I enjoy to just sit and draw. I can tell already that it will be the key to working out the works of the next show.  Looking through my photo fodder from San Francisco this time around I have more fragments, characters and street elements than ready made paintings. I'm glad that's the case, because I've been wanting to create more works like Pause and Could've, but just haven't had the right photos.  Well now I do and Crowds is the first sketch to result.

I think Puddle is the first sketch of the large series to be shown all together perhaps sequentially if the storyline is that tight. I'd like to put together. I'm starting to ponder titles.