Thursday, February 2, 2012


It's a double post Thursday. This evening's painting session was very productive and I was able to finish up the sky, tone down the Hotel's sign and solidify more of the building. I've included some detail shots of the sky. I need to get better about providing detail photos of my work. There are a lot of complex textures that overall photos of the paintings simply don't capture. My work has always been better in person than in photographs, but photographs are how most people will see the work initially.

Nazareth along with my recent paintings Escape Plan and November really show a clear return to heavy collage, my subdued dark palette and steak and potatoes subject matter - I feel people know me for. I'm actually planning to go with the flow for the next few months and create a large body of work maybe 30 to 40 canvases over the next few months. I have a number of reasons for this move, but the one reason that really drives my need to keep it simple and go with the flow is that I've been looking at the world outside of my studio, along with reading the news and driving around a town that has become a sea of empty store fronts - it has given me the blues. There's only one way to loose these feelings and that's to paint. With any luck my viewers can feel the release too.