Thursday, February 2, 2012

Old Hotel

I've taken a short break from the figurative works to paint some more architectural works. This is Nazareth the first of several building paintings. Actually, old hotels I have photographed over the last few years. This hotel was photographed during my last trip to San Francisco. Not soon after taking this photograph I realized I was in the wrong part of town with the sun setting. I kept having people walk circles around me after giving me a greeting and we're not talking one or two folks. It bummed me out a little, because I opted to put the camera away for safety since I was alone. As a result I missed out on photographing a lot of cool buildings. Next time I will have to take someone with me. 

I find I wonder into bad parts of town often when photographing old buildings. Sometimes the coolest distressed buildings just happen to be in the not so good part of town.