Sunday, January 27, 2013

Resurrecting Ghosts

I've spent the rainy weekend resurrecting paintings that have stalled in the studio over the last two years.  Well, I mainly restarted work on "We'll give you a number".  It's hard to say why works stall.  I will be working on them and then just loose the spark somewhere or a commission work comes up that takes precedence and I put them to the side.  Long story short like most artists I have several unfinished paintings that lurk around the studio like ghosts waiting to be resurrected if they're lucky.  This work was intended originally to be the first of a series of five.

Getting the central figure right was pretty much the struggle for the day.  I was petrified that I was going to over work her face.  I'm not convinced that I avoided that, because at one point I scrapped an entire layer of paint off.  I'm content now.  I worked through it.  I think that now that I have her squared away I can finish the painting off without as much struggle.

After this one is finished the other ghosts lurking around the studio will have to wait for their resurrection day.  I can only play Johannes Cabal every once in a while.