Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Do Empties Dream?

Here's a progress shot of a new piece entitled Dreaming of Empties. "Empties" being slang for empty soda bottles which fits with the gas station's time period.  It's based on a old gas station I photographed when heading out from Las Cruces to White Sands.  It was across the street from garage, motel and diner all crumbling modern ruins.  It's odd, but when I think about it these works really paint a sad portrait of American culture or the very Post WWII suburban/consumerism that has driven my country's culture for over sixty years.  That of course isn't really the statement behind these works.  I still feel they address my childhood in an abstract sense.  I haven't figured out what this body of work means yet in full, but sometimes I don't understand the true meaning of works until many years latter.

I recently read and interview with Haruki Murakami where when asked about the development of his stories on whether or not he knew if the protagonist in "Dance, Dance, Dance" had murdered the girlfriend he was searching for? He replied that he didn't until the end of the book like everyone else.  I guess I'm the same way.  I know as much about the meaning of my works as all the people who enjoy them.  That makes it fun.