Saturday, June 22, 2013

Empties and False Projections

Work continues on Dreaming of Empties. I like how the addition of the yellow flowers really brings out the subtle colors that have been hiding in the painting. The studio got hot a little sooner this morning. Pretty soon I'll be out there at 4am in order to get work done on the bigger canvases. 

Started working on a small piece yesterday entitled All Your False Projections. I'm not sure about it yet. Maybe it's just a little bit different than the other desert works, so it's throwing me off. It's a great little vignette though and the brushwork in the foreground is really yummy, so maybe I'm just a little tired. It's been a long week with a lot happening and with my past rushing in. When I look at this current body of work I can't help, but feel that it speaks volumes about my childhood, but I don't fully grasp what they're saying yet. I'm just going to focus on painting, completely let go and loose myself in this work. I'll figure it out in due time. I'm pushing hard to get these works ready for a delivery at the Lanning Gallery tomorrow. I'm taking my camera with me and going abandoned gas station and modern ruin hunting afterwards. I love the freeway and searching out the places that others speed past without a second thought.