Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dorian Gray

Started another big canvas Today.  Dorian Gray 60 x 72 inches.  I don't know how many more mammoths I'll be throwing into the show after this work.  This is actually a cropped version of Dreaming of April, but already I've started to diverge.  Note the gentleman is holding his tie.  Also the nature of the buildings is changing as well, which will be followed by a color shift once I get past the underpainting stage of the work.  Originally Dreaming of April started off with the working title of Dorian Gray, because that title just popped in my head when putting the sketch together.  Over the course of the work that no longer fit.  This revisit of the composition is another ball game and due to the increased size of the canvas the characters are fleshed out, so I can start to see the reason for the title.

It's so enjoyable to see story behind my canvases unfold as I paint them.  It's where I get to be the viewer and enjoy the ride.