Sunday, November 21, 2010

End of a Busy Weekend

A very busy painting weekend comes to close.  It's going to be a short work week and with any luck I'll be able to spend some of the holiday painting. Up above is Staircase which I started Thursday and completed this morning a few hours prior to heading up to Sedona to drop off work.  There was a nice wet winter storm between Sedona and Phoenix which created beautiful cloud formations and several rainbows.  The folks at the gallery were surprised I braved the weather, but it's actually very enjoyable for me.

Staircase is the first San Francisco painting.  I plan to create an entire body of work devoted to cities at night.  I'm going to start taking my camera with me on my evening rides, so that all the night paintings aren't of San Francisco alone.    There's something really special about the night.  It's full of life, but within the darkness is filled with mystery and sometimes danger.  The dark naturally plays with our imaginations thrusting us into the unknown with the colours of the neon signs, the lit surfaces framed by the darkness and strange shadows.