Sunday, November 28, 2010

Productive Holiday



Saturday Mid-Morning
Saturday Evening

The Thanksgiving Holiday was very productive.  I started Snap early Thanksgiving morning and worked on through Saturday evening.  The last image shown is where I should have pretty much stopped on the central figure.  I pushed on to add more definition to the bag along with the color from the photo I took in San Francisco, but discovered some things are better left alone.  I forgot the fact of how important having a hierarchy of brush stroke can be. I thought that by further defining the bag I would further pop her out of the asphalt street below her, but it backfired in so many a ways.  First off the fold of the bag even accurately captured in paint to what reality is doesn't look real next the definition of the bag actually took the naturalism away loosing the importance of the hierarchy of brushstroke within the work. The pop isn't to be achieved through definition in this case, but rather movement of broad brushstrokes and color. I'll load that photo next post along with the present state of the work. 

I'm actually somewhat amused by my misstep here. Granted last night I wasn't and decided that it was call it a night before I made another goof around 8pm.  It was around 11pm after reading an interview with Jenny Saville about how she struggles to get her brush strokes just right without over or under working areas and getting the relationship of small and large strokes just right an hour earlier that it hit me.  I almost headed back out to my Uncle's shed where I'd been working, but figured I just finish watching my movie and leave it until I returned home. Relieved in the fact that no matter how seamless some paintings fall into place that I'm still able to paint myself right into a corner and have to paint myself out again.