Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Week

Working hard to finish this painting up for a delivery to the gallery tomorrow.  It's probably going to be a late night, but heck that's when I like to paint the best.  There has always been something about painting late at night for me. I feel more focused and I'm able to comfortably work on the intricate and taxing portions of the canvases better.  It's the same with the early morning hours.

I really like the muted color scheme of this piece.  It's almost as if a photo filter has been applied. I've recently watched a couple Japanese Horror films Goth and Premonition.  Goth has really nice lighting effects. The actors were occasionally shot against hyper bright backgrounds that obscured their features.  You could see their face clearly, but their arm would almost abstractly fade and distort into the background. I'm planning to employ this effect in some future works.  The recent painting Remote was influenced by watching this film now that I think about it. I have to say I really enjoy Japanese Horror films.  They are not gory or special effect intensive, but rather focus on artfully composed scenes and suspense like Alfred Hitchcock films. I've also noticed that the subject matter is a bit different as well.

I think that's the trick for any artist or at least for me. I find it's really important to seek out the art of others for inspiration. I prefer to find inspiration in music, books and film rather than within the work of other painters. I think it's just a case where I like to get lost within the atmospheres of the stories within those art  forms.  If I read or watch a film right before bed it is more likely that I will not only dream, but remember those dreams upon waking.