Monday, December 14, 2009

Introverted Soundtrack

With last night's post I touched upon how I integrate sketches and photos, which of course is easier to show visually than just verbally explain. Here's a screen shot. A new composition is naturally occurring, because once photo references are added into their place other photos live within the same folder and spur recomposition and ideas for other compositions. It's all very organic and intuitive in a strange way for me. I guess after years of working with Photoshop and working as a graphic designer it's just second nature to use the Adobe suite to do art.

The interesting thing is the more I use my design tools to do art the more it becomes part of my process to do so and the richer my visual vocabulary grows.

"It's simply a matter of using the technology as it becomes available", Roger Waters. I honestly believe that if Caravaggio or Andy Warhol had the Adobe Suite available to them they would have used it.