Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year

Above is Once Remembered, which is a remix of Steel Bridge from a while back. It's for the Brand X show my print show. I'm in crunch time for the show, but the work is going fast. I had no idea how much the practicality of going from painting to printing would influence my work in general. My ambition and thought process of taking this show on was to develop a mode of work that would lend itself to t-shirts for sell, while keeping artistic integrity and not just being solely commercial. When I was in High School I burned about two screens a week during my junior year. I was a nut making tons of custom t-shirts for myself. I dreamt of starting a t-shirt company and never did it. I went to art school and my focus went towards painting and never bounced back to print until I became a graphic designer.

It's crazy when you realize you've come full circle.