Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Almost there and now I'm getting really happy with the Fremont work.  It's been a really hard piece and I'm not really sure why.  Most likely it's simply a fact that some paintings are just more challenging than others.  The irony is that the paintings that pin me to the ropes are the very works that make me grow as an artist. I might choose to perform a few works that will take it easy on me before I take on a hard piece again.

Lighting and the photographing of the works has been a challenge.  The funny thing is that the paintings will look different under different lighting and I purposely paint them under different lighting conditions for that very reason.  I figure when they hang on the wall of a home they will be seen in the morning light, the white glare of the afternoon, the warm tones of the evening and then under various home lighting during the night.  I figure if I paint under all these conditions that I can adjust so the paintings should look good no matter what hour it is.