Friday, May 27, 2011

Days Past

Days Past (Fremont Bridge) is almost completed.  I'm just putting in the final details and going through the ritual of just sitting and analyzing the work. I took the photo this morning out in the sun to capture the colors better.  I use color corrective daylight bulbs in the studio and it seems like that throws the digital cameras off a little. 

Remember a Day has been the tough one.  The pallet for the painting is so subtle.  There are lots of yellow, brown and blue tones within the white that just get lost when photographing it.  My photos from the last few mornings in the daylight have done a better job of capturing it. The beauty of this painting is that as the light changes during the day into night different elements of the piece will be fade in and out.  It will be a different experience for the viewer depending on when they're viewing it.  Most of my work is this way, but this piece is just more so. I'm told often by my collectors about how they notice something new and different about their paintings everyday depending on light or their mood even after five years of owning the piece.  For me that's what it's about - creating paintings that are living. 

Update: Tonight I started a new piece.  It's going to be called Thursday Afternoon it is 24x36 depicts a busy sidewalk with people crossing the street in the background. I will have photos tomorrow evening.  It's nice to be working on something a little smaller.  It's funny how fast things set up on a small canvas after two months of working on two really large canvases.  I think large canvases require and increase in speed to achieve results.  I know they swallow up hours of work like nobody's business.