Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who Knew?

Saturday, I purchased a Jullian French Box Easel for an upcoming camping trip.  I've never tried one of these easels out before.  I admit that when I was in college working at an art supply and putting these together for display that a fellow art student and I made fun of the concept.  I guess I'll have to pass that off as a youthful indiscretion and eat my words.  The easel is beautifully designed.  Although, I have to admit it's more suited to oil painting that it is acrylics - I've found ways to make things work. I can put all my materials except for my gel medium into the box.  Even there it's more a matter of the amount of gel medium I can fit.  I like to varnish between layers of paint to achieve the luminous effect with acrylics that you naturally get with oils. I will be using a lot of gel medium, so a small 2oz container will not last past two sessions.  If I could find a larger container that's not too tall for the box I would be set.  Oh well, it's just one thing that goes into my backpack instead of the box. My wife made a great custom brush holder for me that I can suspend between the legs of the easel.

The studio is bouncing between 107-117 degrees right now, so I'm using this as an opportunity to use the Jullian easel and get used to working with it.  I plan to have a dozen small works within the show along with larger works, so I think I might spend the most of the month on the Jullian in comfort.