Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Day

A Small Escape is going along smoothly.  There has been an internal debate of whether or not I should have buildings in the background similar to Dreaming of April, but there's this deep gut feel that seems to stop me from disturbing the milky sky behind the figures.  Guess I should listen to that feeling.

I have so many paintings on the easel right now and I'm starting a new one today to add to the madness.  The strategy really is to have as many works going at the same time as possible in order to provide a more cohesive body of work.  When the new studio is built I actually plan to start designing entire shows at the same time and start all the canvases at once for the show with them leaning against the walls in open view.  I will simply bounce back and forth from canvas to canvas.  I think it will produce a very different body of work.  Ah, who knows it could change the way I work period or maybe I'll simply adopt a methodology of working that is a mixture of that strategy and what I do now?  Time will tell.