Sunday, January 17, 2010


Started two new works today and got further along on A Small Escape (not shown). The studio shot showing reference items from Lucian Freud and Jenny Saville. I really would like a book of Jenny Saville's work, but I have yet to get lucky enough to find one. It's amazing how many good artists don't get published. There's always the artists you know on the book shelf. The unfortunate thing is many of the world's best artists aren't on the shelf at the local book store except in compilation (history, or movement) books if us the public are lucky. I guess the thing that sucks for me is often times the artists I'm fortunate enough to have seen in slide shows back in school or in the review section of art magazines are really the ones I'm most interested in. Surprisingly, the information age via web hasn't made many these artists more accessible for me. That was the hope.

Above is a new work with the working title Conversation. I don't think the name will stick, but it works for now. I'm bringing in some color or lots more color than normal. I'm also focusing in on putting lots of paint on the canvas and making it lush feeling. I'm just in the mood after doing so much print work to really focus in on painting the figure. I guess deep down I consider myself a figurative artist.