Saturday, January 23, 2010

Failed Snapshot

Above is a new painting entitled Failed Snapshot. Okay, started off as bit of a joke when I titled my photo.  It was one of those shots where I moved or accidently snapped a photo when I was in Seattle, so it was out of focus.  Somehow though the composition has grown on me.  I'm planning to leave most of the painting out of focus with some elements partially in focus.  The hope is to capture the movement and the reality of how people truly see the world.  When one walks down the street not everything is always in perfect focus due to concentration or movement. 

I'm debating whether or not I will be collaging elements into the canvas or not.  There are time where the collaged elements help tell the story and other times when they're gratuitous, which isn't a good thing.

I also painted more into Pause and A Small Escape, but that will have to wait till tomorrow's update.