Friday, June 17, 2011


Started a new painting this week called Other Voices or Voices.  I haven't decided. The main figure seems to be walking nervously down the street looking around.  It's almost as if he has agoraphobia.  I was just sitting analyzing the piece and the two possible titles popped in my head.  It's nice when I don't have to sit around and struggle to come up with a title.

This week has been a week of updating.  I increased the RAM on my Mac and went ahead and upgraded from Tiger to Snow Leopard tonight.  It went really well without a hitch.  Apparently it's best to do a hard drive wipe before upgrading, but I hadn't received my new backup external hard drive, so I decided to manually back things up and just do the easy install.  I didn't want to chance loosing any of my art, source photos or music.  I'll do the hard drive wipe for speed at a latter date.

Updating your computer can be very nerve wracking, but I have to admit I apparently made a bigger deal about it than I should have.  I'm just used to updating Microsoft's operating system.