Monday, December 3, 2012

Daily Trivialities

Sometimes the small works actually set up quickly.  Granted this is not always the case I've had to pour hours and hours of work into small 9x12 inch paintings in the past.  It is nice though when the small works come together in a day or two.  I'm just about finished with As the Rush Comes above.  Daily Trivialities below has come together very quickly as well, so it may be finished in a couple days.  It's refreshing to have work coming together quickly; considering that I've been working on a large night painting for over a month and I'm not even sure if it's even half done.  These are the first of seven small paintings that I'm working on for the gallery.  Smaller works have been in high demand lately, so I'm knocking out several.  Five of them are night works, so it's a great opportunity to figure out how well my night palette is going to work as well as perfect it as I go.

Of course the video game Limbo that is pretty much at night or late dusk and completely black and white has me thinking that maybe my perceived prerequisite of adding more color into my palette in order to perform night works could be in error or at least not as necessary as I think.  I omit or mute color in my other works, so it seems silly to not do the same for the night paintings or at least some of them.  I admit though I love the colors of an urban environment at night.