Saturday, December 1, 2012

Return to Night

Getting back into the swing of posting.  I've been just working and not posting lately.  I guess I just got out of the habit while preparing for the last show and... Just excuses.

I've just started getting back into night themed paintings.  Over half the photos I took while I was in San Francisco the last two visits have been night photos, but I've only used a couple.  This is partly due to the fact that night paintings seem to set up completely different than my other works.  They also have a lot more color and it's taken me a little bit of trial and error to find just the right palette or at least one I'm happy with.  It's odd, but I wish that I could use oils, because the pigments seem to blend more harmoniously when working on night paintings. I'm not sure why that is, but acrylic paint manufacturers seem to use different pigment formulations than oil paint manufacturers.  Now the plus to working in acrylics is the greater diversity of colors, but the crux of this is that sometimes some hues when blended have unhappy chemical reactions that produce unexpected color mixes.  So I'm still working to build just the right palette for myself.  I'm admittedly picky as well.

I've also been working on another bird painting.  I was walking around China Town in San Francisco early in the morning in between when the markets receive their shipments of food and when they open up for business and saw the pigeons eating the remains of someone's discarded breakfast.  Moments after I took this source photo for this piece another 25 birds joined this pair.