Sunday, December 2, 2012

Street Lights Blur

This is the first of a handful of small night paintings I'm working on.  The focus of this one is a central figure crossing wet streets.  It's hard to know in a painting like this how much detail to add or omit.  The left side came together spontaneously and became rather abstracted, so now adding details to the right  side has to be balanced with that loose feel and just the right amount of detail.

Friday night I watched Indie Game the movie.  It was really interesting to see how the game designers approached the games they were designing.  I know many may not view creating a video game as art, but I do and much more so after watching this film.  It's simply a different medium.  As silly and trite as it may sound - I really related to their struggles and felt glad to know that I'm not  the only one to have some of the feelings I have when it's crunch time to get work done for a exhibition or commission.  It's the same passion and different struggles, but more or less the same variables of time, money, and figuring out how to make the piece of art work.  I purchased one of the games that was featured within the film without having it's development and team directly spotlighted entitled Limbo.  The game itself is presented in film noir with very minimal lighting and a creepy mix of natural,urban, and industrial elements.  Yes, much like my work in some respects, so the appeal was instant when I saw the main character a silhouetted boy hoping over the letters of a broken hotel sign.

I haven't spent too much time playing the game, but I think that I'll restrain myself in order to make the experience last.  Besides I have the painting above and six more to finish up for a delivery to my gallery in a couple weeks.