Thursday, December 13, 2012

Long Awaited Rain

It's raining tonight after what seems like months since the last time it's rained.  It may only be a month, but the air quality was really starting to suffer.  I finished Rainy Night (top) over the weekend and I've been working on Nightly Bargains since Sunday.  I just finished the underpainting layers, so now I can move on to re-inking some of the detail back and start putting in the color.  This is one of the luck of the draw shots I captured in San Francisco when walking through China Town.  I found myself amazed at the hustle, bustle, pushing and grabbing the shoppers took part in.  It was really frantic.  I guess I'm very much a suburban kid in that respect or at least the product of big box grocery store shopping.  I don't have people reaching across my person to snatch apples that I was about to put in my bag.