Sunday, February 15, 2009

Avoid compulsively making things worse.

How's that for words to live by? I love fortune cookies.  Yeah, some just have lame sentiments in them, but there's always those good ones.

I should have followed that fortune cookies advice.  There's a storm blowing in and I made the mistake of putting a heavy layer gel medium on "Where do we go from here" (formally working title Noreaster 3)  I thought it would dry in it's normal Phoenix, AZ fashion in a couple hours.  Ha! It's still wet!  So, I moved on to Exodus 2 a commission I'm doing in exchange for Alicia's guitar lessons.  I like barter.  It's a really good system.  Right now an old school mate and I are exchanging painting lessons for percussion lessons.  Oh, and did he throw me for a loop in yesterday's percussion lesson.

Exodus is moving along well now.  I suspect that I'll have both it and "Where do we go from here?" done this week.