Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where do we go from here?

I finished Where do we go from here? tonight.  It was a little tricky, because in some areas the coloring was just right, but the thickness of the paint wasn't.  It all worked out.  I'm on to the next paintings.  I'm holding off on Exodus 2 right now. Technically it's done, but it's missing something for me.  There needs to be another level of complexity added to it.  I'm not sure what, but I'm going to get on with the next paintings and figure it out a bit latter.  It's important to me that the viewer always finds hidden little passages they didn't see the first time around or even the 559th time around.  I feel good paintings should be like good books, no matter how many times you read them you should discover something new.

I received the books I ordered on the Ashcan Painters.  Somewhat of a mixed review for the lot.  The books didn't seem to contain many of the works I remembered being shown in my college drawing and painting class slide shows. David Sklar and Jerry Shutte had extensive slide collections that they showed in their classes.  I guess it is simply a matter of what artists feel are the important works of other artists and what art historians feel as important are not always the same.  It could also be that what is in vogue with the art world doesn't match what today's artists are in to.  Just a bit of speculation here.