Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today I purchased the first of two pieces of new furniture for the studio.  I went antiquing to find a chair to replace my broken one.  Of course I found a swivel stool with a back that is actually a little taller than the stool I've been using.  Hey, great find really and the best part is it was only $10.  We're going to go out tomorrow and hit the shops we didn't make it to today.

Our jaunt was of course after the Modified Arts' video interview.  Needless to say the whole idea of being on camera made me a bit nervous. Admittedly, I really don't like my appearance on film.  I was also rather nervous about the usual tripping on my words.  Oh well, I'll post a link when they have it up anyway.  The interview covered a lot of ground regarding my influences and the ideology behind the work, which of course my blog reveals often.

It's really remarkable how updating the blog forces me to some extent to think about what I'm doing more.  It also serves to help me remember working titles and details about the works prior to hanging and opening receptions.  When I finish a work I become fully engrossed in the works currently in production.  I often forget about the just completed works unless I keep them out, so that I can reference their color pallet to match the current works too.