Sunday, May 16, 2010


Finished both Go Fish and Reflection today.  Also installed the wires behind the canvases and almost have all the sides finished.  I have two works to finish tomorrow evening.  The show hangs on Wednesday and I will be so very glad.  

I'm needing a short break before I start in working on the balance of the Lanning Gallery Show in July.  I have one canvas I may or may not include in this show, because I forgot to turn it in on my canvas list.  I don't think I will really need it.  Kim is already talking about editing the show down a little.  It's 14 canvases total, but they are large and since it's a two person exhibit I have two rooms and she doesn't want to crowd the canvases.  That works for me.  When I worked as a gallery director the philosophy my co-director and I stuck to was that work needed to breath.  Jess had worked for museums so she really had no love for the salon style of hanging art exhibits.  I visited SMOCA twice a week when I was in High School, so that has shaped my views on how art should be exhibited just a bit.

This body of work has taken me a little by surprise in some ways.  It doesn't look like a lot of work on paper, but when you have the canvases all over the studio and the patio it feels like the largest body of work I've put together.  When you get big the amount of wall space the artwork will eat up is just as big.  The other thing is these are intense canvases that psychologically are larger than they are even physically.  The characters within are very intense and the moods are unique within each of them.  If I were the viewer I wouldn't want to see them hung three to five inches apart from each other.

Modified Show is this Third Friday and next First Friday
@ 407 E. Roosevelt Rd. in Downtown Phoenix
6-9 PM

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