Monday, May 17, 2010

Wrapping Up

Finished two more tonight - Mersault and Failed Snapshot.  I didn't worry about cropping them like usual. I need to photograph everything in the sunlight at some point anyway.  The gallery is open on Saturdays, so I'll probably swing by to photograph anything I miss tomorrow after work.  I'm not sure if hanging is going down Tuesday or Wednesday, but I wouldn't mind having one more evening to touch up here and there.  I'm going to be rushing to paint the remaining sides up when I get home from work tomorrow.  If it's Wednesday I will finish the one canvas I left off the list and I will have 13 works in the show then.  Everything is pretty large or at least horizontally long if not tall.  Failed Snapshot is a good example it's 30 x 60 inches.  It will take up a lot of wall to be shown.

I'm going to eat a sandwich and call it a night letting tomorrow be what it will be.