Friday, May 14, 2010

Gone Fishing

Go Fish above is going well.  I think I will finish it sometime tomorrow.  This is the last weekend of work for the show.  I have Reflection, Mersault and Go Fish to finish.  If some of the smaller works get finished they get finished, but I'm feeling just a little toasted at the moment. This are really strong works and I think they'll be surprising to some.  There's definately a focus on the figure that other shows flirted with, but only scratched the surface.  

I have another big push for the Lanning Gallery show for July now to worry about.  I am going to take a little time to recharge and ride my bike a little before I start hammering out the next batch of canvases.  Some of the work of this show will go into the Lanning Gallery exhibit as well just like last year. I am going to make an effort to create at least seven new works for that show.  I feel that Go Fish and Reflection are the direction those works will take.  This body of work marks a change.  Yes, it's easy to see that now that I can really take a look at the last 7 months worth of work and what's on the easel.  I'm not completely sure of where it's taking me though.  Frankly, I'm not really sure I'm supposed to know or even consider it.  Sometimes you really just need to let go and ride the wave beneath you and enjoy it.