Sunday, May 2, 2010


Getting closer to the show.  Work continued on Mersault and I started two new paintings.  The one shown is titled Moment (working title for now)  I also thought about calling it Reflection, but time will tell.  The other work not show is titled Go Fish and I'll post that later this week.  

I had my Wife pose for many different photos tonight for Moment and Go Fish and other future works.  I think this body of work is a bit of a departure from last years and I can see the direction it's taking me is a good one.  I think the more you work with the figure the more important perspective - bird's eye or worm's eye along with foreshortening becomes.  The canvases are more challenging and fun for me to create.  The consequence from a physical working standpoint is that my canvases take longer to think up, design and perform.  I'm just going to have to learn new strategies of working to make sure I get things done.